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Hey, Little Babies, should you feel some frivolous pull to venture from this gracious sanctuary, here are some links to pure grooviness in the outside world.


Movie News:

MonkeyPeaches (Archive Only) - The site that elevated Us to the Deity We are today. Navigating the wild world of Asian film and spotlighting Asian talent.


Hot Goss:

Dlisted - Bitchy, smart and hilarious, Michael K. rocks the word on the street.

Crunk + Disorderly - Fresh's blog was funny enough on its own. Check the reader's comments at your own risk.


Utter Fabulousness:

Ding-Dong, You're Wrong - Oh Jane. If We ever grow up We want to be you. Acerbic brilliance, exquisite taste, and square, square biz from Our gal on the scene.

Thank You El Fano - Love Fashion? Yearn for Fabulosity? Fetish for Man Knickers? All this and so much more can be yours at the online lair of our inspiration, favourite dance partner and occasional contributor, Eric Neuner!

Lisette Photographer - Hey you folks Down Under, need a bit of glam to put you in the public eye? Submit yourself to the brilliant eye of our dear friend Lisette for personalised photo shoots sure to make the most jaded casting agent take notice.


Media, Savvy?:

Samurai Beat Radio - Straight outta NYC, the good folks at SBR's audio fabulosity lets 26 cities across Japan know what's up.


Five For Magazine - The Hardest Working English-Language periodical dedicated solely to Japanese Rock. Now you don't have to pester your friend from Asian studies class to read you what's new in on the J-Rock scene.











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Do Your Bit for Fabulosity.

Donít hesitate, just donate.